The Darers

            People, you are extremely brave to sign our guestbook – I’m so proud of you. 🙂 I think you deserve a medal – don’t you? Oh wait, too bad – our dogs ate it. Whoops.

135 thoughts on “The Darers

  1. theskiierneria says:

    Enni, what happened to not telling anyone what Brouhaha means. Or Beria. Soon you’ll be telling everyone about 48, Gold, Shiba Inu, California, etc.

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  2. Zielle says:

    Thanks for the offer,
    And since I’m a stalker, (sorry I can’t find anything else that will rhyme XD)
    I shall give you the pleasure,
    You can thank me with no measure. (JK)
    signs name in fancy script Me was here! 🙂

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