About Crazy #1

           Dogs are better than cats. PERIOD. Not that I don’t like cats, but how are they possibly better than dogs? *shakes head* I don’t understand. Blue…is equal to green. Though, it depends on what kind of green. I mean, some are REALLY ugly, but others are beautiful! Horses are better than donkeys, though it’s a close draw – I mean, donkeys! Ears! How can you help yourself?

        Writing is better than drawing – though that one is really close – I love art, but it’s not the same as writing. 😉 Karate and ballet? I take both. They’re not really that big of an opposite – they both require a ton of strength and balance…and flexibility. If you are surprised then you are not my friend anymore.

        So, that’s me. Me being Enni. And this is my blog with Neria – who’s even crazier than I am.

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