Tag, You’re It!

       Last Thursday my family abandoned me in Seattle, leaving me lonely and forlorn. Desperate, I made my way to my best enemy's house - Enni. Drawing up all my courage, I knocked on the door and they gladly welcomed me. (Just kidding)      We opened the computer and realized that we had … Continue reading Tag, You’re It!

Crazy dogs! Crazy humans!

Belle: *licks keyboard* HI, I'M BELLE AND I'M CRAZY.  Misty: Uh..Belle? Why is the keyboard shooting out these white, stringy things? OW! It hurts! Belle: Oh, who cares. Don't be a cat. Misty: EXCUSE ME! What do you mean a CAT! I'm so offended. Wait...what even is a cat? Belle: Cats are these ferocious beasts that … Continue reading Crazy dogs! Crazy humans!