Alas, Neria has a Disease!

        Perhaps the title was a bit dramatic. Perhaps. Anyways, Neria skyped me a few days ago telling me that she had a fever. I don't know whether or not it's the flu *gasps* or the common cold. *yawns* I didn't post on Saturday because I'm in China visiting relatives I rarely … Continue reading Alas, Neria has a Disease!

Doggy Diaries w/Belle and Misty

Hello everyone! It's Misty. Enni left for a trip to China yesterday and she has left me with Neria's crazy dog Belle. I mean, Belle is like a mom to me, but she just gets a little crazy sometimes. I've got to admit I am a little puppy diva, but Belle, that's another story. Today … Continue reading Doggy Diaries w/Belle and Misty