Crazy Canine Companions Collab

               Sorry, we haven't been posting much - but we both have busy families and new dogs so...But speaking of dogs, today we have a great post for you! We're going to be comparing Misty and Belle.        Misty is Enni's 5-month-old Samoyed, and Belle is Neria's … Continue reading Crazy Canine Companions Collab

New Year’s Day: What Neria and I Did

Greetings, Friends!         Guess what? On New Year's Day, Neria and her family came over for a dumpling dinner. 😀 Sadly, Belle didn't come because she was losing teeth. *nods* Yup, she's teething, and she's really upset, so Neria says. She skyped me about it and said that Belle ran around barking, and … Continue reading New Year’s Day: What Neria and I Did