My new Puppy

Hello Everyone! Sorry about not posting for so long. I was really busy. I just got back from Debate, so this is really the only time I have to post. Now onto my topic. As you probably saw from my title my family just got a puppy! Her name is Belle, and she is a … Continue reading My new Puppy

Things You Should Know

        Hi! If you're wondering about Neria's absence, it's because she was away at this thing and she got home at ten pm so she couldn't post. She will be posting on Monday though, (I think) no promises.          In August for three days, we will both be away. … Continue reading Things You Should Know

A Few General Facts About Enni

Hello, everyone! Also, at my other blog I always call my followers Stardust, so hello, Stardust! (It also makes sense because I have stars in the featured image) I'm posting today, but Neria will be posting on Monday, so if you want to see her post, (instead of mine) then you'll have to wait two days. (Sorry!) Now, onto the facts...